Vurtego V4 Hupfstange Xpogo edition

Die Vurtego V4 ist nicht nur ein Pogo-Stick. Es ist die beste Pogo-Stick der Welt. Die stärkste und die, wo mit Sie die höchste Sprünge machen können.
Artikelnummer:: SSA-VRTGV4PROXPOGO
Marke: Vurtego
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De Vurtego V4 PRO Pogostick Xpogo Limited edition

Voor alle Vurtego Pogo sticks geldt dat je het beste even kunt bellen voor advies. Het is niet zo maar een pogo stick. Het is de beste pogo stick ter wereld. De sterkste en degene waar je het hoogst mee kunt springen. De V4 heeft een nog lagere zuiger weerstand dan de V3 en daarmee is het makkelijker springen voor lichtgewichten die nogal last hadden van de wrijving van de zuiger. Laat je niet misleiden het blijft een Pogo stick voor gevorderden!

The V4 is our fourth generation air-powered pogo stick. The V4's design is centered around our brand new Air Piston, which adds 14 cubic inches of air volume to the V3 to create a smoother, softer bounce than ever before. We've also created a new bushing with 40% less friction, a smaller shock absorber that allows for better air circulation, and four additional breather holes that double air flow while you bounce.


The V4 is designed for riders who weigh 75 pounds or more. For lighter weight riders, please contact us before purchasing.

Because our patented design utilizes an air spring, all of our pogo sticks are easily adjustable to accommodate riders of any weight. Someone who weighs 75 pounds can jump on the same exact V4 as someone who weighs 400 pounds. Simply inflate your pogo to your desired pressure and bounce away!

  • Large – 6' and up
  • Medium – 5'4" to 5'11"
  • Small – 4'8" – 5'3"

1 Year Parts Warranty

We build our pogo sticks to the highest standard. Every single pogo stick is built by hand in our Southern California shop. We then inspect, pressure test and bounce test each one prior to boxing and shipping them out. Because we're so confident in our pogo sticks, we offer a one year warranty on your V4.

Handlebars are not covered under the warranty.
Our handlebars are made from 1/16" aluminum and are designed to bend under high stress. While we could easily make them out of steel to prevent them from bending, we learned long ago that safety is more important than a few bucks. For that reason, we sell replacement packs at our cost.

This pogostick can be shipped anywhere in the world. Please contact [email protected] for more information on shipping fees!

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