Choke drop through longboard The Curl Grijs

Longboard 89cm lang met 60mm 80A grote wielen.
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Choke drop through longboard The Curl Grijs

The concave shaped Choke The Curl longboard is a long and wide cruiser board and made for your downhill rides and lots of fun for just cruising the streets. Classy gray and red rhomb graphics and the unique grip tape design make this 34" dropthrough longboard stand out from the crowd. The Curl board is made out of high quality 9 ply Chinese maple. It comes fully equipped with 7" aluminum Hammer aluminum casted STANDARD Trucks, 90A Jelly Interlock PU-cushions, grippy 70mmx46mm PU-wheels and fast ABEC 5 Wicked bearings. No matter if it's cruising or massive downhill sessions, the Choke The Curl won't let you down.

Deck: size: 34 inch x 9,125 inch
China Maple, concave, 7 ply, Powder Glue

Truck: STANDARD Hammer 180mm Aluminium with Jelly Interlock cushions

Wheels: 70x46mm 78A, super high rebound wheels

Bearings: Wicked ABEC 5 bearings

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