Grit Battle Bar SCS Ben Thomas Sig. Stuntstep Stuur

Grit Battle Bar SCS Stuntstep Stuur
Artikelnummer: SSA-GRT-BT-BATTLE-BL
Merk: Grit
Levertijd: Tijdelijk niet leverbaar. Neem contact met ons op voor meer informatie.

New hydroformed aluminium technology has given these handlebars a huge edge over other aluminium bars. The technology ensures that the bars have the feather light weight of aluminium bars (approximately 30% lighter than normal chromoly or steel bars) with the strength and durability of steel bars.


  • Bar Width / Height - 610mm (24inch) / 680mm (26.8inch)
  • Bar external diameter / Internal diameter - 34.9mm (1.4inch) / 28.6mm (1.12inch)
  • Bar material - Aluminium
  • Compatible clamping systems - SCS - Unslotted (For Mini HIC cut a slit in the bars)
  • Bar colour - Satin Black
  • Degrees of backsweep - 0°
  • Weight - 980g
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