Longboard Piper 40 - Orange Wheels

Longboard 101,6 cm lang met 7cm grote wielen
Artikelnummer: SSA-HAMMPIP40
Merk: Hammond
Levertijd: Tijdelijk niet leverbaar. Neem contact met ons op voor meer informatie.

Longboard Piper 40 - Oranje wielen

Hammond Piper 40 is a top performance longboard, great for carving, city cruising, free style and also at any slope you may find.

It's an amazing longboard to ride, with the needed stiffness and resistance for any riders weight. 40 inches length means stability while hard carving and descents. 9 inches width and a soft concave make Hammond Piper 40 comfortable for any feet size.

Piper 40 trucks are mounted using top mount system, which means more turning capacity and a higher deck resistance to impacts coming from aerial trick landing.

Sliding is fun and easy with this longboard, it's 29 & 1/4 inches wheel base helps a lot in stable long slides. Surf Highway wheels do help a lot in this! Carving in this longboard emulates snowboard sensations.

This is a deck for absolutely all purposes. Stable for free riding due to it's length and stiffness. Nose and tail lifted help performing all kinds of tricks. Nose-manuals, shovits and kickflips are easy to achieve due to the deck's design.

  • Great longboard for carving, cruising, free ride & free style.
  • Suitable for all rider's weights.
  • Soft and comfortable concave.
  • Top quality grip tape.
  • Top performance and resistance.
  • Top Mount system for trucks.
  • Black Charger reverse kingpin trucks provide maximum turn & stability.
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