MBS Colt 90 Mountainboard

All round mountainboard met grotere wielen om alle aspecten van mountainboarden te ervaren. Freestyle beginnersboard.
Artikelnummer: SSA-MBS91106
Merk: MBS
Levertijd: Tijdelijk niet leverbaar. Neem contact met ons op voor meer informatie.

The Colt 90 is the perfect board for entry-level kiteboarders or mountainboarders interested in doing a bit of freestyle. The Colt 90's beefy maple deck, F1 bindings and 8" knobby tires give this board everything it needs to perform while keeping some change in your pocket. One run and you're hooked.

Inspired by a Tom Kirkman concept, the all new 'Colt series (85, 90, 95) artwork is controversial and downright sick. The twisted street-art-style dudes have Mountain Board Sports on their minds, vivid purple, lime and orange T's, self-drawn tats, and appear to be scribbling themselves out of existence. Grab your Sharpie and doodle all over them too.

  • Part Description:Colt 90
  • Rider Style:Recreational All-Around
  • Overall Weight:6.8 (kg) / 14.9 (lb)
  • Overall Length:105.2 (c) / 41.4 (in)
  • Axle to Axle Length:85.2 (c) / 33.5 (in)
  • Deck Construction:Maple Laminate
  • Deck Stiffness:Stiff
  • Graphic Material:PHT
  • Grip Tape:46 Grit - Alum. Oxide
  • Deck Tip Angle:20
  • Deck Length:91.4 (c) / 36 (in)
  • Deck Width:21.8 (c) / 8.6 (in)
  • Deck Weight:2.0 (kg) / 4.3 (lb)
  • Truck Type:ATS
  • Truck Material:Die-Cast Alum. Hanger and Base; Cromoly axle
  • Truck Color:Matte Aluminum - MBS Print
  • King Pin: 3/8" x 50mm (Cromoly)
  • Suspension:Orange Bushing
  • Axle Width:38.9 (c) / 15.3 (in)
  • Axle Diameter:9.5mm
  • Hub Type:Tri-Spoke
  • Color:Black
  • Accepts Bearing Size (OD):22mm
  • Bearing:9.5x22mm
  • Tire Type:Diamond
  • Tire Color:Black
  • Binding Type:F1
  • Hardware Type: -
  • Grab Handle:Compatible
  • Brake Compatible:Yes
  • Brake Included?:No
  • Assembly:Wheels Off
  • Overall Length with Matrix:110.4 (c)
  • Overall Length with Vector:105.3 (c)
  • Overall Length with ATS:105.0 (c)
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