MBS Core 95 mountainboard

Mountainboard voor gevorderden. De Core mountainboards zijn de meest verkochte, met ATS en Vector trucks en F1 bindings
Artikelnummer: SSA-MBS91213
Merk: MBS
Levertijd: Tijdelijk niet leverbaar. Neem contact met ons op voor meer informatie.

The Core 95 is an excellent intermediate level board for freestyle mountainboarders and kiters. It features MBS' high-performance, lightweight Vector trucks, stylish F2 bindings, and now T1 tires for the lightest and fastest spec this board has ever had. This board is a fantastic choice for anybody looking for advanced all-around performance at a very attractive price.

Customising your deck is part of the fun of boarding: adding random stickers and making it truly your own. Well, the new Cores have already been part sticker-bombed!

Each deck features over 50 all original 'stickers' in crazy combinations and it's up to you to add to the chaos. There's even some vintage MBS stickers in there too!


  • Vector Trucks
  • F2 Bindings (redesigned for 2009)
  • T3 Tyres
  • Twistar hardwareless hubs (White)
  • Power Laminate Composite Deck


  • overall weight: 13.7lbs / 6.2kg
  • overall length: 44.0? / 111.7cm
  • axle to axle length: 35.6? / 90.5cm
  • deck length: 37.3? / 94.7cm
  • deck construction: Power Laminate Composite (PLC)
  • deck stiffness: 2
  • deck tip angle: 35 degrees
  • truck width: 15.5? / 39.4cm
  • axle o.d.: 9.5mm o.d.
  • bearings: 9.5×28mm
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