Mindless Raider V3 Blue Longboard

Top longboard 86 cm 5 lagen Canadian maple 1 laag bamboo deck, kicktail
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Artikelnummer: SSA-MNDL2030BL
Merk: Mindless
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Mindless Raider V3 Blue Longboard

Ultra light weight and with as much flex as you can handle the Raider is great for carving and cruising through the tightest of turns, it also has a kicktail so when the local stray dog suddenly leaps out in front of you, you will be able to turn and leave its drool dripping fangs in your wake. We have added Bamboo to the bottom of this board which not only adds strength and flex but helps makes it environmentally friendly.


Raider - ML2030


86.35cm / 34 inches


20.3cm / 8 inches


60.5cm / 23.8 inches


Convex kick tail


5-ply Canadian Maple, bottom ply light bamboo


5.5v inch Mindless Six Star with raw finish and soft 78A cushions


Mindless Team 70mm 80A


ABEC-5 Chrome

Recommended Max Weight

14st / 90kg / 195lbs

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