Longboards for beginners to pros. Drop-through, pintail, drop-down, dancers. We have them all!

The best longboards for the best prices. We have the top brands of longboards for every budget. Whether you are a beginner or have been rolling for years. You can get the best longboard deals here!

Longboards for beginners to pros. Drop-through, pintail, drop-down, dancers. We have them all!

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A longboard is intended for long distance riding and not for a skate park. For a skate park there are skateboard and for more information about a skateboard click here. You can write a book about a longboard, but we will list the most important things to make it easier to make a choice.

First you determine the length of a longboard and this depends on what you want to do with it. Actually, the wheelbase is more important than the length of a longboard. The wheelbase is the distance between the front and rear wheels. The greater this distance, the greater the distance it is intended for.

A mini cruiser has the wheels close together and is for very short distances. From school to the bus or short rides in the city and then back into the backpack. A short wheelbase ensures extra short turns and an agile board.

The wheelbase on a longboard is much larger because this ensures a calmer board. The bends become wider and driving straight ahead is easy. You don't have to correct and adjust all the time. Because the longboard reacts less nervously, you can also use it much faster. If you are going to ride a lot in the city with your longboard, a large cruiser is more pleasant because you also want to be agile. If you are a mile eater and you are going to cover distances along dikes and cycle paths, then you want a long longboard. And if you want to dance on your board, an even longer board is more pleasant.

The shape and mounting of the trucks are also important when choosing a longboard . There is a complete mounting under the board, the top mount (TM) , where the baseplate of the truck is mounted against the bottom of the deck. In addition, the truck can be mounted through the deck, with the baseplate being secured to the top of the longboard. A drop through (DT) longboard. Pieces are cut out of the deck (cut outs) to prevent the wheel from hitting the deck when steering (wheelbite). Both mounting methods occur in all kinds of combinations.

The advantage of a TM is that you have a lot of freedom at the bottom of the longboard and can steersharper . The decks are also stronger because a piece has been removed from the deck with a DT. If you want to ride more freestyle or are in a higher weight class (90+), a TM is a better choice.

The big advantage of a drop through longboard is the low center of gravity . This makes the longboard much more stable, because 2 cm under your foot makes a big difference. You feel much more confident and because you are closer to the ground, you do not have to sink as deeply when stepping. This means that your leg becomes acidic much less quickly and you can ride longer distances. If you are just starting out or only drive occasionally, then a DT is very attractive.

The wheels of a longboard are very different from a skateboard. They are larger and softer . Cruiser wheels are approximately 60mm and longboard wheels are 70mm and larger. A larger wheel rolls easily over small obstacles and that also applies to bad roads. The rolling resistance is lower, which improves speed and distances. With larger wheels up to 100mm, the center of gravity will increase and risers will also have to be installed.

The hardness of a longboard wheel is between 78A and 88A. The hard wheels of 88A make sliding a lot easier because they have less grip. 78A wheels are most comfortable for cruising. They are quiet, comfortable and roll easily over bumps. Now it would be nice if all 78A longboard wheels were equally hard, but nothing could be further from the truth. What is written on a wheel is a guideline. Get 4 wheels of 78A from 4 different brands and they are all different in hardness. Tap the wheel on a hard surface and you will hear whether a wheel is harder or softer. A low muted tone is a soft wheel and a higher and loud tone is a harder wheel. In addition, soft wheels feel a bit warmer and you can squeeze them a bit. There are wheels printed with 78A that are much softer, perhaps 75A, and those that are much harder, around 83A. testing is the best option.

To know more about longboard bearings, it is best to take a look at the bearings category.

There is much more to tell and show about longboards. We are happy to do this in our store, where you can also feel and try out the longboards

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