Kites and kites

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Kites and kites

Kites have been around for a long time and were initially used for military purposes. Kite flying is a fun relaxation but can also be very strenuous. All kinds of tricks can be performed, especially with the controllable kites. There are many different kites, and mattress kites in certain shapes are also used for kite surfing, riding in a buggy or on a mountain board. Control of the kite is indispensable when kitesurfing and if you have already flown a lot with a kite or mattress kite, you have a huge advantage in learning to kitesurf.

The single-line kite has only 1 line to the kite flyer and is therefore not actually controllable. With some single-line kites you can make it dive by releasing the line briefly and then pulling it tight, but after that it stops. Single-line kites are usually intended for children and are static kites. They mainly stay in one place. Everyone has made a diamond kite with a weight at the bottom to keep it from spinning.

Before drones were affordable, these static kites were also used for photography. They can have a lot of weight and pulling power.

Single-line kites are cheap kites and are available in many nice images of animals, birds, insects and Disney characters. When it is high in the air you can attach it and it will just stay in the air.

Two-line kites are kites with 2 lines to the kite flyer. This makes the kite controllable. They are sport pilots that have a high degree of maneuverability and can have a lot of pulling power and speed. These kites are controlled with wrist straps, power grips or a control bar.

The lines have extremely little stretch, low weight and are very strong. Dyneema is the best-known brand of these types of lines.

The rods or sticks of the kite are reinforced with carbon and fiber, again to save weight while still being able to absorb blows. The rods or sticks are available in two standard sizes, 4mm and 6mm.

The sail of a kite is made of nylon, polyester or ripstop. Ripstop sail does not tear easily if damaged and can be repaired. The best-known types are the hang glider and the mattress kite. They are also available in small sizes and therefore suitable for children.

Three-line kites have an extra braking line. This brake line makes it much easier to control the kite or kite. The brake line runs through the kite bar, making it easy to steer and brake. Landing the kite is controlled and releasing the kite is also easy because the brake gives the kite more lift. Flying a 3-line kite or kite is ideal for the later step into kitesurfing. They are therefore also called trainer kites.

The four-line kite or kite has 2 brake lines and is therefore even better steerable/controllable. The kite is also faster and more agile in the turns, especially in strong winds. Four-line kites start at approximately 2m2. Only when there is sufficient control should a switch to large kites be made.


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