Everything about protection when stunt scootering, skating or boarding

What protection do I need?

In fact, it is best to always wear full skate protection whenever you are moving forward in any way. Because this certainly does not always happen in practice, we provide some tips here.

*No rights can be derived from these tips. Streetsurfshop is in no way liable for any injuries.

+ Always ensure protection with the CE quality mark.

+ Always ensure properly fitting protection. Protection in the wrong size can actually cause damage instead of preventing damage

+ Are you buying protection for a child? Protection that they themselves like is often also worn in practice.


What protection do I need for stunt scootering?

In many cases, no protection is used when scootering around the neighborhood. It would of course be better to at least wear a well-fitting skate helmet, but as with most cyclists, this often does not happen in practice.

When tricks are performed, our strict advice is to always wear a helmet. Falling hard on your knee can be very annoying, but permanent injury is exceptional. Hitting your head hard can cause problems for the rest of your life. So just do it!

Knee pads are by far the most commonly used protectors for stunt scootering. Steppers who go to the skating rink often choose knee pads with a nice large plastic cap. This way you can glide well when you lose speed. This can save you nasty injuries.

We do not recommend wrist guards. In practice, they get in the way of scootering more than they do any good. Gloves are sometimes used. These are mainly intended for extra grip.

Nowadays, shin guards are increasingly used when scootering. This prevents injuries if the scooter hits your shins (when practicing a Tailwhip, for example)

Protectors not cool?

stunt scooter protection

One of the best stunt scooters in the world; Dakota Schuetz with protectors


What protection do I need for longboarding?

If you have no experience with longboarding yet and are really a beginner, we recommend that you start with all the protection you need. Which means; a skate helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. Especially if you have a stable board, your boarding will soon improve, but you will not be the first to have the board slip out from under your feet.

In practice, more experienced longboarders often do not wear protection when riding around. When longboard dancing, we definitely recommend wearing protection when learning new tricks. It almost never happens that a new trick works the first time. And isn't it annoying when a fall ruins the rest of your session?!

If you go down hills, we recommend full protection. For short descents, regular skate helmets are sufficient, if more speed is required, these are not sufficient and we recommend a motorcycle helmet or special downhill helmet.


What protection do I need when inline skating, roller skating or inline skating?

The most common fracture in skating is a wrist fracture. We therefore recommend that you always wear wrist protectors. Even if you have years of experience, misfortune can lurk around the corner. So just do it!

If you drive calmly and have experience, this is sufficient for many people. When distance skating, many people wear helmets. This may be a normal skate helmet, but there are also special skate helmets. They look more like bicycle helmets.

Especially if you are a beginner in inline skating, it never hurts to also wear knee pads and elbow pads. We recommend not to go for the skate track protection (with large plastic hoods), because they limit your freedom of movement.

If you go to the skating rink with aggressive skates, we recommend this. In combination with a helmet, you can take a beating and your next trick will be more likely to succeed, because you don't have to be afraid of falling!

What protection do I need when skateboarding?

In practice, no protection is often used for skateboarding. Strange really, because how annoying is it if you have to stop your skateboard session early because you fell? We therefore always recommend using wrist protectors. When you fall, many people tend to catch themselves with their hands and that can cause nasty fractures.

If you go to the skating rink, knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet are certainly not an unnecessary luxury.

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