Landyachtz Tugboat Cruiser Space Tiger 30

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Product description

Landyachtz Tugboat Cruiser Space Tiger 30

Landyachtz Tugboat Cruiser Space Tiger 30

Step aboard the Landyachtz Tugboat Cruiser Space Tiger 30 and let it take you on a cosmic journey through the streets! This masterpiece of a cruiser is not only a feast for the eyes, but also a tribute to Landyachtz's rich history and boundless imagination of space exploration.

Since its founding in 1997, Landyachtz has built a reputation as a pioneer in the world of longboarding, and the Tugboat Cruiser is a true embodiment of the craftsmanship and innovation the brand is known for. With a length of 30 inches and a width that is perfectly balanced between stability and maneuverability, this board offers an uncompromising riding experience for riders of all levels.

The design of the Space Tiger takes you to the far reaches of the universe, where the powerful and majestic tiger rules the galaxies. With its vibrant colors and detailed graphics, this board brings the wonders of space right under your feet, making every ride an epic adventure.

But the Tugboat Cruiser is not just a visual spectacle; it's also built to deliver top performance on the street. The maple wood deck provides the perfect combination of flexibility and durability, while the ultra-carve trucks provide a smooth and responsive ride even on the roughest surfaces. Whether you're cruising through the city, making tight turns or just carving, the Tugboat Space Tiger is always ready to accompany you on your adventures.

As for history, Landyachtz has always strived for innovation and excellence in longboarding. The brand started as a small company in Vancouver, Canada, and quickly grew into a global sensation thanks to its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Since then, Landyachtz has produced countless award-winning boards and amassed a loyal fan base around the world.

With the Tugboat Cruiser Space Tiger 30, Landyachtz adds a new chapter to its rich history, inviting longboarders to push the boundaries of their imagination and explore the stars in their own unique way. So step aboard, be inspired by the power of space, and let the Tugboat Cruiser take you on a journey you will never forget!


Length: 76.2cm / 30"
Width: 22.9cm / 9"
Wheelbase:38.1cm / 15"Construction: 100% Canadian Maple.


Trucks: Polar Bear 130mm
Wheels: 63mm Fatties 78a

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