Atom Pintail 35 Longboard

Mooi Pin-Tail longboard van 89,7 Centimeter met zachte wielen.
Artikelnummer: SSA-ATM40007
Merk: Atom
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Atom Pintail 35 Longboard

Atom's new 35" Pin-tail longboard builds on the success of our wildly popular original 39" pin-tail longboard by upgrading the wheels and trucks whilst trimming a little fat off the deck. These refinements make the 35" Pin-tail the perfect little all-around cruiser. While its 50 degree reverse kingpin trucks weave in and out of just about anything in their way, its soft 70mm AREA 51 wheels suck up all the bumps along the way.


Part Description: Atom 39" Bamboo Drop Slant Longboard
Ride Style: Cruise / Carve / Commute
Overall Weight: 3.6 (kg) / 8.0 (lb)
Overall Length: 98.3 (c) / 38.7 (in)
Axle to Axle Length: 88.1 (c) / 34.7 (in)
Deck Construction: Bamboo / Maple
Deck Stiffness: Flexi
Graphic Material: PHT
Grip Tape: 46 Grit - Alum. Oxide
Deck Tip Angle: -
Deck Length: 98.3 (c) / 38.7 (in)
Deck Width: 24.1 (c) / 9.5 (in)
Deck Weight: 1.7 (kg) / 3.8 (lb)
Truck Type: Navigator Drone
Truck Material: Die-Cast Alum / Cromoly axle
Base Angle: 40 Degree
Hanger Width: 180mm
Axle Width: 24.4 (c) / 9.6 (in)
Axle Diameter: 8mm
King Pin: 3/8" X 60mm (Cromoly)
Bushings: 90A HR
Wheel Name: 76ers
Wheel Size: 76mm X 53mm
Wheel Spec: 78A - SHR
Bearing: 8X22mm - ABEC 9

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