Aztek SCS bar 686mm Black

Aztek SCS bar 686mm Black. Geschikt voor SCS, standard size.
Artikelnummer: SSA-AZTKAK40301
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Aztek Odyssey V2 Alloy SCS Bar - 686mm - Black

By using a standard sized downtube, we were able to create one of the lightest bars ever made. We made them from a very strong aluminum alloy. By increasing the inner diameter of the downtube, we kept these bars just as strong as our steel bar, but at only a fraction of the weight. Compatible with SCS only.


Bar Width / Height - 610mm (24inch) / 686mm (27inch)
Bar external diameter / Internal diameter - 31.8mm (1.3inch) / 28.6mm (1.126inch)
Bar material - Lightweight aluminum alloy
Compatable clamping systems - SCS

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